Keynote Talks


Keynote I: Security Implications of Edge Intelligence in Power Grid as Cyber-Physical System

Prof. David Yau
Full Professor in the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar of the Singapore University of Technology and Design

Abstract: What happens when we deploy ICT increasingly in power systems and exploit their characteristics jointly in a cyber-physical manner?  In this talk, I will overview some of the security implications, in the form of both challenge and opportunity, as ICT intelligence, particularly at the edge, meets the physical laws of power flows that pervade the system.

Biography: Prof. David Yau obtained the B.Sc. from the Chinese University of HongKong (CUHK), and M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, all in computer science.  He is now Professor in the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar of the Singapore University of Technology and Design.  Since 2010, he has been Distinguished Scientist at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore, where he is Cybersecurity Program Director.  Previously, he was Assistant Professor then Associate Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University (West Lafayette).  His research interests are in networked computer systems, including the security and privacy of cyber-physical systems.  He has served in the technical and organizing committees of several international conferences in computer networks, mostly recently as TPC co-Chair of IFIP Networking 2022.  He is currently an Associate Editor for ACM Trans. Sensor Networks and IEEE Trans. Network Science and Engineering.  He was previously on the editorial boards of IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking and IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, Special Section on Smart Grid Cyber-Physical Security.  He serves in the Management Committee of the Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium (SCC) and chairs the SCC’s SIG in IoT and CPS security.

Keynote II: Applying Machine Learning in Anomaly Detection in Operational Technology

Mr. David Ong
Chief Executive Officer of Attila Cybertech, and
Founder of Excel Marco and Attila Cybertech

Abstract: Many ICS product makers of hardware and software lagged IT industry in terms of keeping abreast with the latest release of hardware and software. In practice, it is very difficult for ICS products to employ the latest release because its design needs to be thoroughly tested, often with third-party testing and certification. This digital divide was not a big problem by virtue of “air-gapping” until recently. With the push for tighter integration of OT with intranet IT and the Internet, these gaps are increasingly challenged by the need to connect and integrate. This presentation will discuss the application of Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection of ICS, which could be caused both by cybersecurity breaches and process disturbance due to equipment or instrument failures. Unlike IT which prioritizes on maintaining data confidentiality, OT has its unique characteristic which focuses on Safety and Availability of operation. On top on that, OT data is largely unavailability as Operations are paranoid about “air-gapping” OT systems for fear of compromising safety and also concern for operational disruption if network connection is made for data collection. In spite of these challenges, the author will explore the possibilities and the potential benefits of applying ML and AI for OT Systems. Hence, attempting to future proof OT from lagging too far behind IT and offering a glimpse of the shape of things to come for IOT, when OT can no longer afford to be isolated.

Biography: David Ong has over 30 years of professional experience and is widely regarded as an active professional in process automation safety industries. He is a CFSE (Certified Functional Safety Expert) and also a certified SANS GICSP (Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional). Equipped with Control and Automation background and accentuated with an MBA, David has founded Excel Marco, an Automation Systems Integrator and more recently Attila Cybertech, providing solutions and consultation for OT Cybersecurity. From time to time, he has also been invited to present at various regional or international events on topics about Functional Safety and Cybersecurity for Process and Industrial Control Systems.